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It is important to know when buying property in Turkey

It is important to know when buying property in Turkey. 

If you decide to purchase a property in Turkey, whether it is a flat secondary housing or an apartment in a new building, which, incidentally, is now being built in Turkey enough, you should know what documents are necessary to ensure that in the future you do not have special moments with your property. By the way, our company is engaged in exactly this - we sell and we are making your purchase is fully insured against unwanted consequences. 


And so, what are the procedures relating to the conveyance of property to the buyer and the new owner of the property, you need to pass:

1 The request to the War Office in Turkey: it requires a copy of the passport and a map of the area with the location of the property 

2 Registration of VAT to the tax chamber, it is necessary that in the future to open a bank account and, of course, to pay taxes on the purchase when buying a property 

3 The bank account and the amount of 1600 euros for the future owner of the account (a copy of pages of bank book to provide to the police department), an application for a residence permit for a period of 6 months - is required by law in Turkey. A copy of the book would indicate that you are provided with 6 months of living in the country. This document is obtained within a week, and sometimes day. 

4 Then you are given the Tapu (registration certificate). Never pay 100% of the transaction until you get Tapu! Leave min. 10% as a guarantee. 

- These documents will be given to you if you already have permission from the War Department) 

- In case you do not often get to come for registration in Turkey all these documents, you can create a power of attorney to an employee in charge of the case of the buyer. 

5 Payment of tax in the tax Chamber of 3% of the declared value of inventory in the Tapu. Other types of taxes 

Here are 5 of these items after you the owner of real estate in Turkey. 

For a great deal when buying an apartment, apartments in Turkey, you will need more to find (a reference to the question-and-answer) - the log on electricity and water property. He is of two kinds: 

first pre - its presence implies that the developer or management company has no debts to the state. authorities, and their 9, and this search should be 9 signatures of these instances (mains, water utility, gorkanalizatsiya, sanepidemkontrol etc.) 

The second door-- apartment owner must receive door-to find (the log of the water and electricity), this Iskan is available only after the receipt of Tapu. 

Now we can assume that you are fully insured against all the undesirable consequences of buying property in Turkey.