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The company's services KARSAR ALANYA on the selection of the property in Turkey 

1 Organization of view of real estate in Turkey, strictly in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the client. 

2 At the time of the inspection tour of all provide free apartments. 

3 Fully prepare and accompany the purchase transaction of immovable property, which includes the preparation of all required documents, competent and rapid execution of the purchase procedure. 

4 carried out the assessment of the property, examine the factual and legal status of the selected object. To do this, perform the following activities: 

- Analysis of the records of the object in which it appears superimposed ever on the subject of real estate acquired arrest, whether or not this property is the collateral, whether there are any unresolved issues that are related to the governance of land cadastre issues with local administration, is there any debt with the tax authorities, whether there are any encumbrances. 

- If you enjoy the unfinished building, or if the object of the purchase is the share of land, we check the availability of development plan, check out whether any measures for the disposal or nationalization of property, etc. 

- Check for a building permit 

- Quality control of construction 

- Check that the permission to enter the property into operation, this sends a request to the management of land registry and other authorities. 



After receiving the documents of ownership (Tapu), our company provides the following services: 



1 Help at the conclusion of subscription contracts for the supply of water, electricity, telephone and internet connection. 

2 We perform technical inspection of electrical, water supply systems, air conditioners, heating systems, assist in troubleshooting. 

3 make repair facilities. 


Additional service after the purchase of real estate: 

1 provide services for the delivery of your apartment or villa for rent. To do this with the owner of real estate in Turkey conclude a separate agreement, the terms of which are clearly observed. 

3 We provide car rental services and advise when buying a car. 

4 Employees of the company will assist with the purchase of furniture and other household items. 

5 Help in choosing an insurance company. 

6 to assist in the purchase of tickets. 

7 We provide a shuttle service from and to the airport.